Thanks to the unique hydroponic systems in our farms, we have the ability to regularly adjust the mix of crops we grow without delaying our weekly harvests. 


We're currently growing multiple varieties of lettuce, greens, and herbs, most of which will be available to the public in 2019 at:


We have also partnered with Bon Appetit to provide fresh salad each week to students at beeFUEL, a health focused dining facility located near SCAD campus housing. As an added perk, they also used repurposed shipping containers to construct their dining area!


Everything we grow is sourced directly from Johnny's Selected Seeds, a high quality non-gmo & organic seed distributor who's been in operation for over 40 years. Here's a list of what we have planted from their seed library right now!

  • Bibb (Bambi)

  • Butterhead (Alkindus & Rex)

  • Oak Leaf (Garrison & Bolsachica)

  • Romaine (Breen, Coastal Star, & Green Forest)

  • Radish (D'Avignon)

  • Salanova Lettuces (Premier & Foundation Collections)

  • Chervil (Vertissimo)

  • Red Leaf (New Red Fire)

Note: Pictures are displayed in the same order as they are listed above.

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